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AppStrap offers responsive block divider options to divide up your content blocks, here are the styles and options available.

Diagonal Dividers

Add the class divider-diagonal plus an arrow direction class divider-diagonal-(r) . r = right, l = left



Arrow Dividers

Add the class divider-arrow plus an arrow direction class divider-arrow-(r|l|t|b) . r = right, l = left, b = bottom & t = top.





Colour Options

The AppStrap colours can be used on all divider types, colour options are:


Use the classes .divider-op-(1-9) to control the opacity of dividers.

Responsive Dividers

Dividers are also responsive so you can control at which breakpoint they kick in. Classes pattern is: .divider-(sm|md|lg|xl)


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Diagonal Dividers

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