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Dropdown functionality can be added to both a and button elements which have the .btn class.

Single Button

Single Link

Dropdown Mega Menus

Apply "mega menu" functionality by adding the class .dropdown-mega-menu to the parent of the .dropdown-toggle elements. You can use grid classes to layout the mega menu content.

Dropdown Effects

Add .dropdown-effect-fade , .dropdown-effect-fadeup or .dropdown-effect-fadedown to any wrapper of your .dropdown-menu elements or to a single .dropdown-menu element to apply a fade effect on opening of the dropdown.

NOTE: Effects are disabled on dropdown menus shown in the mobile menus.

Dropdown Alignment

Add .dropdown-menu-right to a .dropdown-menu to right align the dropdown menu.

Dropdown headers & dividers

Dropdown Styles

Dropdown Size

Dropdown On Hover

To make dropdown menus show on hover instead of click simply add the attribute data-hover="dropdown" to your .dropdown-toggle elements.

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